Let Your Actions Motivate Each Other

Posted by Dana Devlin 11 months ago

Have you ever woken up one day and felt like "omg...I've been stuck in the same routine for years. I need to get out of this," and you decide you're going to make some positive changes? You make a plan to wake early every single day (even on the weekends...gasp!), workout and eat healthy, read more books, find a new job, start a side hustle, whatever it is that makes you happy. You create this plan and you stick to it every single day for months, and you see and feel those positive changes you've made in your life. Everything is going great, how AWESOME!

Except one thing. Your partner, the love of your life, your schmookie poo is still stuck in their routine of sleeping in all day, avoiding the gym and eating an entire box of pizza, mindlessly watching the boob-tube, staying in their crappy job they hate, and talking about their "million dollar ideas" but not doing anything to make that million dollars.

You love them to death, but you've leveled up so much that you can no longer understand their mindset of mediocrity. It's killing you because you want them to feel as good as you do, but they're just not interested in bettering themselves, so it begins to weigh on you. This is where that trouble starts. You begin to think less of them, criticize them, and push them to the point where they resent you. You don't understand why they're so upset, all you're trying to do is help them be the best version of themselves, but in reality all you're doing is causing problems.

Let me be the one to tell you that your partners' decision to grow will be when they are ready, NOT when you tell them. Believe it or not, they are admiring you every single day, watching you push yourself to be the best you can be. Eventually that admiration will turn into motivation and they will start to make those steps to better themselves. Next thing you know your alarm clock will go off at 6am on a Saturday and they will actually get out of bed with you. They'll be working out right next to you in the gym, and eating salad and grilled chicken every day. You guys will end up discussing what you read in your newest book vs talking about how crazy Tiger King was, and they'll finally make that decision to leave that dead end job and might even start that side hustle. They will make all of these changes not because you tell them to do so, but because your actions motivated them.

Wake up every single day being the best version of yourself. Trust me, you are motivating them. Even if they haven't made those changes yet, they will. You are their role model and they want to be like you, so keep doing what you're doing, just don't force them. Before you know it they will be pushing themselves to greatness and who knows, maybe they'll end up being your role model too!