New Year New You!

Posted by Dana Devlin 11 months ago

Happy New Year, everyone! Okay, clearly I'm very late with the New Year posts, but don't we get to make up our own rules?

Anyways, since we all have a fresh start to the new year it's time we make up some resolutions for our relationships. Resolutions that we will actually follow and that we know will benefit us and make our bond with our partner stronger! Here is a list of some resolutions for you to steal for you and your lover!

  1. Plan more weekend getaways. You both deserve it!
  2. Choose healthier options. This may not sound super fun, but making positive changes together will help you both stay on track, and feel much better!
  3. Read a marriage/relationship book together and discuss what you've read once a week
  4. Create a financial plan and stick to it
  5. Have sex more often AND try out some more creative sexual encounters. You'll never regret this ;)

Try these out with your partner and create your own resolutions that fit best for you!