Surviving The Quarantine Together

Posted by Dana Devlin 11 months ago

What a time to be alive, am I right? Who in a million years would have ever thought something like this would happen in our lifetime? I know I never did, but hey I'm not the one in control, only God is.

At this point we've been stuck in the house with our partner for a couple of weeks now, and fortunately (or unfortunately) it's going to remain this way for a very long time. Something that is pretty much unavoidable, no matter how much we enjoy spending time together, is the fact that we will get on each other's nerves. The way our partner chews their food, walks across the house, sneezes due to their allergies, simply BREATHES to live is going to get on our last nerve! And when that happens, we need to learn control. We need to know how to contain our emotions, no matter how frustrated we are. Here are a few tips and ideas on avoiding the frustration and controlling ourselves while we're stuck together....which seems like it could be forever!

  1. Choose different rooms that are "yours only." Tell them that the guest room is yours during the hours of whatever to whatever, and allow them to choose their mini sanctuary that you are banned from as well.
  2. If you are together and you can feel the frustration building, remove yourself and go to a separate room for a while. If you need more space, go on a walk for a little bit. But remember to be mindful of others who are outside and stay at least six feet away.
  3. Set quiet hours in your home. Make it a rule that at a certain time each day, everyone in the house must remain quiet (unless there is an emergency, of course). Use this time to take a bath, catch up on a book, play your favorite computer or video game, etc. just remain quiet.
  4. Avoid talking about things that may create tensions. I'm all about being open and honest in relationships, but if you're going to be stuck maybe it's not the best time to bring up how mad you've been over that one thing they did before the quarantine happened....just wait a little longer.
  5. Don't forget to have a little fun together! Play a board game, create a music list, cook something, set up a picnic, etc. take advantage of the time together and create some fun memories!

Guys, we have a looooooong quarantined road ahead of us, so learn to live together in harmony!